Bethesda Not Announcing Fallout 4 at The Game Awards

Jager Robinson December 4, 2014 0
fallout h

Despite Bethesda’s famous track record for video game announcements, the studio will not be releasing any information on upcoming games at The Game Awards this month. Marketing Executive Pete Hines tweeted out the company will only be there to support MachineGames. MachineGames made Wolfenstein: The New Order, which is up for many awards such as Best Narrative and Best Shooter. Bethesda published Wolfestein, so it’s only fitting they are there to support the in-house game at the awards ceremony.

The reason this is news at all is because Bethesda has made a track record for themselves at year end events. Back in 2010, Bethesda announced Skyrim at the VGA show, which shocked the world and lead to the 20 million copies sold game it is today.

It is pretty clear that Bethesda has games like Fallout 4 in the works and due to the ridiculous smash hit Skyrim was, it is rather obvious there will be a sixth Elder Scrolls single-player game.

Be sure to check out The Game Awards on Friday December 5th at 9 PM Eastern Time and stay tuned for our coverage of the event as well as the list of winners from the show!

Now don’t be sad, there is always E3 2015 for more Bethesda goodness!