Best Of Nintendo E3 2015 Showcase

Jager Robinson June 16, 2015 0

Nintendo is having a hard go of it. Their console is far less superior to the current-gen consoles, their games don’t reach a mass audience, their handheld market is the only thing keeping them going, etc. Well, they didn’t help their case at all today.

Nintendo gave a lackluster and boring response to Microsoft and Sony. Featuring 7 new 3DS games and only 3 new Wii U Games, Nintendo is clearly trying to play to the only market they have left, handhelds.

Nintendo gave us this to watch:

Star Fox: Zero, Skylanders Amiibo Tie In, Zelda: Tri Force Heros, Hyrule Warrior Legends, Metroid Prime Federation Forge, Fire Emblem Fates, Fe (?), Xenoblade Chronicles, Animal Crossing Home Designer, Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival, Yoshi’s Woolly World, Yokai Watch, Mario & Luigi Paper Jam, Mario Tennis Ultimate Smash and Mario Maker.

Starting with how cool Star Fox: Zero was, we were hoping Nintendo would do better, but completely wrong with that. Star Fox: Zero is a cool reimagining of the franchise and looks to have a lot of promise.

Then we moved into four straight 3DS games; Zelda Tri Force Heros, Hyrule Warriors Legends, Metroid Prime Federation Forge, and Fire Emblem Fates. All four of these looks great for the 3DS but we can expect that same level of design and graphics for the 3DS always. It was nothing special other than titles alone.

FE (?), looked cool but I have no idea if that was the actual name considering it was entirely in Japanese.

Xenoblade Chronicles looked amazing and we hope that it sells well on the Wii U to encourage more of that level of game design.

The two Animal Crossing games were fun and good tie ins for the Nintendo franchises.

Yoshi’s Woolly World was clearly the best thing Nintendo had. It was heartfelt and adorable and summed up everything great about Nintendo. It was unique and interesting to look at and it made me want to buy a Wii U so good on you Nintendo.

The rest of the games featured were basically just 2 minute game spots featuring something interesting. Mario Maker was cool but we’ve seen it before. Mario & Luigi’s Paper Jam was cool but it is just a mix of two games. Tennis is always fun but nothing has been the same since Wii Tennis.

All in all, Nintendo disappointed us. No real good new footage to be seen and it was all just a throw away too gimmicky children’s visuals. Oh well.