The 10 Most Badass John McClane Moments In ‘Die Hard ‘History

evolveteam February 12, 2013 0

8. You dont have to be a terminator…

Film: Live Free or Die Hard
When McClane gets sent to bring cyber hacker Ferrell (Justin Long) in for questioning, he arrives just before an elite group of killers led by rogue ex-defense department cyber specialist (and main baddie), Gabriel, attempt to take out his captive. Ducking bullets and hurling quips is pretty normal action-hero fare, but the moment McClane hurls a fire extinguisher and shoots it to use as a grenade to blow a would-be assassin out of the window…sweet! Soon after he’s caught behind a fridge, which is used to brace the door to prevent assassins with automatics from entering–McClane punches through a wall, grabs the head of one, and breaks his neck by yanking it down and through the hole. He pretty much proved you don’t have to be Schwarzenegger (or a terminator) to pull off such stunts.

7. Simon Says Take A Trip to Harlem

Film: Die Hard with a Vengeance
Looking to avenge his brother’s death, Simon Gruber has his heart set on making life miserable for NY’s finest via crucible of tasks, that if successful, will stave off horrible consequences. The first, and probably most dangerous, requires McClaine to stand in the middle of Harlem (back when it wasn’t The Heights) wearing a sandwich board with the words: “I Hate N____s.” To ratchet things up, Harlem shop owner Zeus (Samuel L. Jackson) acknowledges the cop before a group of Black males notice him, to which he warns McClaine with the line: “You are about to have a very bad day.” McClane replies with “tell me about it.”

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