Android Dating Apps Vulnerable to Hackers

Linda Tell February 12, 2015 0

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, an IBM Security report found that 60% of Android dating apps are vulnerable to hacks. Of 41 programs analyzed, 26 were categorized with “medium or high severity vulnerabilities.” This means that hackers might have access to your device’s camera, GPS, and banking accounts.

This news – perhaps not so coincidentally – comes right after the announcement of an IBM-Apple partnership. IBM will be assisting Apple in software development and app creation. So the fact that IBM’s report only busted Android apps has made some critics skeptical.

Nonetheless, better safe than sorry. The report didn’t name any apps specifically, but if you’ve participated in the mobile dating trend to snag a date for this Saturday, you might want to double-check your security: review your permission settings; change your passwords; and download the app’s latest updates.