Aliens: Colonial Marines DS Bound?

evolveteam May 27, 2009 0

Marines we are leaving!

Back in February 2008, Game Informer dropped the exclusive story on Sega’s new Aliens game, Colonial Marines. Scheduled to hit the PS3, PC and Xbox 360, the game soon found itself in the vault, pretty much cancelled, with no word of why it would never be released. It looks like a chestburster escaped and found its way onto youtube, as the undetected Nintendo DS trailer of the game has been leaked. Rumored to have been completed, the handheld version of Colonial Marines was placed back into containment, apparently due to financial implications on Sega’s end. It’s a shame because the DS version looked promising. By the way, the game was developed by WayForward Technologies, the same developers that did Contra 4. Ouch!