Achievements Breakdown — Dying Light

Jager Robinson January 26, 2015 0
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It is that time again! Time for the first Achievements Breakdown of 2015!

As always, feel free to scroll down to see the complete list of achievements and secret achievements for Dying Light. They are in ascending order of gamerscore and for the first time ever, it seems, developer Techland has released the GamerScore and Trophy values together!

So starting off, with twenty 5G achievements, you can pretty much guarantee yourselves that amount of gamerscore. 5G achievements are often just throwaway achievements and will not require that much effort.

Other than that large amount of 5G achievements, the rest of the list will actually take you a lot of time. You will have to complete the game on the hardest difficulty to get a lot of the achievements. Nightmare mode sounds just like it is described, a nightmare. There are also a lot of time constraint achievements which means after your initial playthrough, you will probably be asked to play through it again to get all of those objectives.

Along with objectives and certain requirements, this achievement list has you kill zombies in a variety of ways so make sure you check the achievements and get specialty kills out of the way.

It also appears that this achievement list is very co-op centered. The list requires you to complete the game on co-op as well as complete every side of objective specifically meant for co-op so if you have a friend who is also playing, Id recommend doing all of that stuff in conjunction with your single player action.

There are collectibles, time constraints, killing constraints and a myriad of co-op achievements to get in this list and this certainly was never meant to be an easy achievement list. I mean there is even an achievement that requires you to survive for at least 100 hours. Be prepared for this to take a while.

After a quick estimation, it appears most players, assuming they are going for specialty kills and achievements, will get about 700 gamerscore on their first run through (without co-op achievements and assuming you start on nightmare mode and not any other difficulty) and will require you to run through a few more times to get the rest of the gamerscore.

It is worth noting here that while the achievement list looks difficult and tedious, it really only is time consuming. Most of the more difficult constraints will just take you some time to carefully plan out your moves and the time constraint achievements really just come once you have mastered the game and can run through it as fast as possible.

Good luck my fellow achievement hunters and make sure to pace yourselves. This game will probably take around 200 hours to complete and remember that you don’t have to tackle this all at once.


General Achievements:

Life Means Everything (5G / Bronze)

  • Complete The Game On Easy

Thank You (5G / Bronze)

  • Revive Your Co-Op Partner

Eye For An Eye… Or Head (5G / Bronze)

  • Decapitate 500 Zombies

Limb For Limb (5G / Bronze)

  • Chop Off 1,000 Zombie Limbs

Endure & Survive (5G / Bronze)

  • Survive A Night Without Being Hurt By A Zombie

Partners 4 Life (5G / Bronze)

  • Give Your Co-Op Partner Your Highest Ranked Weapon

Looter (5G / Bronze)

  • Loot 100 Items

Exploration (5G / Bronze)

  • Discover 12 Named Locations

Got A Map? (5G / Bronze)

  • Discover 24 Named Locations

Small Fry (5G / Bronze)

  • Complete 10 Side Quests

Promotion (5G / Bronze)

  • Complete 25 Side Quests

I Need A Hand (5G / Bronze)

  • Complete 5 Co-Op Quests

I Got Your Back (5G / Bronze)

  • Complete 12 Co-Op Quests

Elementary Student (5G / Bronze)

  • Reach Level 25

Weapons Of Glory (5G / Bronze)

  • Construct A Completely New Weapon

Here He Comes To Save The Day (5G / Bronze)

  • Save 10 Survivors

What Is This? (5G / Bronze)

  • Find The Secret Mansion

Blood On My Hands (5G / Bronze)

  • Kill 50 Human Enemies

Who Are You Going To Call? (5G / Bronze)

  • Answer 5 Ringing Phones

What’re Ya Buyin’? (5G / Bronze)

  • Spend A Total Of $10,000 At Merchants

I Like A Challenge (10G / Bronze)

  • Complete The Game On Normal

An Elegant Kill (10G / Bronze)

  • Chop Off A Zombies Legs, Then The Arms, Then The Head

Modder (10G / Bronze)

  • Modify A Weapon To Rank 10

Run For Your Life (10G / Bronze)

  • Travel A Total Distance Of 50km

Thief (10G / Bronze)

  • Loot 1,000 Items

Map? I Need A Globe (10G / Bronze)

  • Discover All 41 Named Locations

Big Boss (10G / Bronze)

  • Complete 50 Side Quests

A-Team (10G / Bronze)

  • Complete All 25 Co-Op Quests

High School Student (10G / Bronze)

  • Reach Level 50

Means To An End (10G / Bronze)

  • View At Least 2 Different Endings

Medical Attention (10G / Bronze)

  • Use 10 Med Kits

My Fists Are All I Need (10G / Bronze)

  • Punch 100 Zombies To Death

GUN! (15G / Bronze)

  • Kill 250 Zombies With Guns

Fortification (15G / Bronze)

  • Fortify Your Base

Kingpin (15G / Silver)

  • Complete All 92 Side Quests

We Survived (20G / Bronze)

  • Complete Every Chapter With A Co-Op Partner

Timing Is Everything (20G / Bronze)

  • Kill 50 Zombies Within 100 Seconds

College Student (20G / Bronze)

  • Reach Level 75

Zombie House (20G / Bronze)

  • Kill 500 Zombies With A Rank 6 Or Better Weapon

I Need Cash! (20G / Bronze)

  • Sell $50,000 Worth Of Items

Trading Helps (20G / Bronze)

  • Trade Goods Worth $100,000 With Your Partner Cumulatively

Diamond Geezer (20G / Bronze)

  • Find All Collectible Diamonds

Game Of Cards (20G / Bronze)

  • Find All Collectible Cards

Listen! (20G / Bronze)

  • Find All Collectible Audio Logs

In The Ring (20G / Bronze)

  • Find All Collectible Rings

Safe… For Now (20G / Bronze)

  • Find All Safe’s In The Game

Pro Modder (20G / Silver)

  • Modify 10 Weapons To Rank 10

Split Reality (25G / Bronze)

  • Complete The Game In Co-Op With A Different Ending Than Your Partner

More For Your Money (25G / Bronze)

  • Kill Zombies With At Least 50 Different Weapons

The Darkness Has Turned (25G / Bronze)

  • Complete The Game Before The 10th Night

Made It! (25G / Silver)

  • Complete The Game On Hard

9K To The Max (25G / Silver)

  • Slaughter 9,000 Zombies

University Student (45G / Silver)

  • Reach Level 100

Rushing To The End (50G / Silver)

  • Complete The Game In Under 30 Hours

The Zombie Failed (50G / Gold)

  • Complete The Game On Nightmare

Survived Until The Light (Platinum Trophy)

  • Acquire All Other Trophies


Secret Achievements:

Day One (5G / Bronze)

  • Complete Chapter I

The Day To Survive (5G / Bronze)

  • Complete Chapter II

Brute Force (5G / Bronze)

  • Kill 250 Enemies Without Them Losing Any Limbs

Dead Meets The Dawn (10G / Bronze)

  • Complete Chapter III

Are We There Yet? (10G / Bronze)

  • Complete Chapter IV

Like It Or Lick It (10G / Bronze)

  • Kill 500 Bio-Lizards

Build-A-Bomb (10G / Bronze)

  • Blow Up 100 Neo-Zombies

Gross (10G / Bronze)

  • Kill 500 Gunge Roamers

Sick To The Stomach (10G / Bronze)

  • Kill 1,000 Necrotops

Touch To Chew (10G / Bronze)

  • Kill 50 Folers

Tigers Survivor (10G / Bronze)

  • Survive 10 Tiger Attacks

How Long Do I Have To Do This? (10G / Bronze)

  • Survive For Over 100 Hours

Knowledge Is Power (10G / Bronze)

  • Speak With All Postmasters

The Brave (10G / Bronze)

  • Survive Chapter I Without Using A Med Kit

The Bold (10G / Bronze)

  • Complete Chapter II In Under 5 Hours

The Beautiful (10G / Bronze)

  • Complete Chapter III Saving 5 Female Survivors

The Blind (10G / Bronze)

  • Complete Chapter IV Without Collecting Supplies In The Day

The Brainless (10G / Bronze)

  • Complete Chapter V With Over 250 Decapitated Zombies

The Batter (10G / Bronze)

  • Complete Chapter VI Without Using Guns Or Blades

The Butcher (10G / Bronze)

  • Complete Chapter VII Killing Over 500 Enemies

Will The Nightmare End? (20G / Bronze)

  • Complete Chapter V

I See The Light (20G / Bronze)

  • Complete Chapter VI