7 Best Storage Apps For Your iPhone

evolveteam July 17, 2014 0
Best Storage apps for iPhone
Words by Ashley Rich

We’ve all experienced the annoyance and unfortunate halt of our iPhones preventing us from saving an awesome group selfie or downloading some music on iTunes due to lack of memory. It’s not like we can exactly create a pit less hole to store our data, which leaves us victim to giving Apple more of our money via iCloud or larger iPhone variant. Storage apps were created to help solve this very problem.

These services finally offer the iOS lover a chance keep their phone files safe and stored without the need of deleting them to clear up space. It’s through their expansive features and gigabyte allocations users can now tuck away or share files on several devices, primarily their mobile. We compiled a list of selections made to save, store, organize and protect your valuable media from funny videos to Kodak moments. Log in and a take a look at the 7 Best Storage Apps For Your iPhone.

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