5 Reasons Why Dead Island Riptide Will Be The Year’s Best Horror Game

evolveteam April 11, 2013 1
Dead Island Riptide Zombies

We’re Talking Real Zombies Here

Somewhere along the way, zombies became whack in the video game realm. Many attribute this to recent string of Resident Evil games ditching the standard look and feel of the walkers in exchange for parasite-controlled mutants with near-supernatural strength. Deep Silver knew exactly what gamers wanted and hit it right on the nail—authentic and traditional-looking zombies, but with some extra pep in their step. Riptide will introduce a new species of zombies. The “Drowner” is capable of pulling victims under water, while “Grenadier” throws (what else) grenades and the “Wrestler” use their large fists to slam into you. Best of luck with the big fella.

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