2013 NBA All-Star Weekend Tech Survival Kit

evolveteam February 15, 2013 0
NBA all-star weekend tech survival guide nike fuelband

Fitness Device: Nike+ Fuelband

Price: $150
Houston is going to be flooded with tons of events, which means lots of walking is to be had traveling from one venue to the next to the next. So do yourself the solid and keep tabs on the burned calorie count with Nike’s wireless fitness bracelet. Slap the sleek activity tracker to your wrist and sync it to a smartphone to monitor your every move in the Toyota Center.

nba all-star weekend apps

Mobile Apps: GifBoom, Bleacher Report, Spotify, NBA All-Star Weekend & Instagram

Gif Boom
With GIF’s becoming ridiculously huge on every multimedia platform and social media outlet, you’ll wanna get in on the action, especially with all the ridiculous dunks being lined up for the Slam Dunk Contest.

Bleacher Report
Besides keeping tabs on all the latest updates surrounding All-Star weekend, stay up on breaking news occurring in the Sports universe. Not to mention any major NBA trades that could possibly transpire throughout the next few days.

Music is the soundtrack of life for most NBA players. So while they’re prepping for the big game or their other All-Star activities, you can wait it out in the stands in anticipation, bumping some hype tunes from the music streaming service’s ginormous catalog.

NBA All-Star Weekend
Anything and everything you want to know about All-Star Weekend is here. You’ll need it to vote for the best players in each contest.

If you’re not on the world’s most popular mobile app by now, it’s never too late. Snap shots of the best plays on the court, along with all the NBA activities off it and go filter crazy sharing with your peoples.

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