2013 NBA All-Star Weekend Tech Survival Kit

evolveteam February 15, 2013 0
NBA all-star weekend mission workshop VX_R8 Arkiv Field Pack

Backpack: Mission Statement VX/R8 Arkiv Field Pack (AP Edition)

Price: $320-$360
The centerpiece to every tech survival kit should always be a great backpack. And Mission Workshop’s flagship offering fits the bill. Whether it’s in “roll-top” mode or the traditional “flap-down” layout, the bag secures all your tech essentials inside its multiple weatherproof compartments. Start assembling your VX/R8 here.

nba all-star weekend beats by dre executive

Headphones: Beats By Dre Executive

Price: $300
Beats stepped up its noise-cancelling game with its premium headphones. Laced in a smooth aluminum and svelte leather finish, true ballers can take in monstrous bass levels and crisp highs/mids in comfortable fashion before the All-Star activities kick off.

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