2013 Holiday Gift Guide: The 10 Best Over-Ear Headphones

evolveteam November 8, 2013 4
Sennheiser Momentum Over-Ear

Sennheiser Momentum On-Ear Headphones

Price: $230
Comforting, powerful, and stylish, the Momentum’s mesh together the three signatures most audiophiles request in a pair of over-ears. A modernistic retro design and multiple color options give it a sophisticated swag that falls right in between the Beats and B&W crowd. Listening to bass-heavy tracks will get you familiar with the receiver’s boosted response and stellar frequency range. That fact that its wallet-friendly as well doesn’t hurt at all.

PSB M4U 2 White


Price: $400
Bringing forward incredible balance and instrumental separation, along with great noise cancellation and stereo imaging, the M4U 2 remains one of the elite audio options available. A light form factor ensures restless listening on the go, where as the striking bass and treble levels add that extra punchy resonance most headbangers seek. It excels on all sonic levels.

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