2012 Holiday Gift Guide: The 10 Best Over-Ear Headphones

evolveteam November 13, 2012 6
2012 Holiday Gift Guide Harman Kardon CL

Harman Kardon Classic

Price: $200
In Harman Kardon fashion, the company combines style with substance to introduce its retro-inspired sound blasters. Uniquely designed and carrying two swappable headbands, the Classic is built to sit snug on your dome, while delivering incredible sound quality. Rich bass, clear clarity, and crisp highs, it’s easy to see why HK remains the king of hi-fidelity audio.

2012 holiday buyers guide monster inspiration headphones

Monster Inspiration

Price: $245
After its fallout with the Beats By Dre brand, Monster worked on silencing its critics and all audio pessimists—doing so with its Inspiration line. The opulent and solidly constructed headphones feature ear-piercing bass and crisp detailing, which easily set it apart from the competition. And for a bulky design, the Inspiration is pretty cushy on the head and neck. The interchangeable headbands also give it some flair.

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