The 10 Biggest Questions Fans Have Regarding “Guardians of the Galaxy”

evolveteam July 10, 2014 1
Guardians of the Galaxy Infinity Stones

How significant of a role will the Infinity Stones play?

In one of post-credit scenes of Thor: the Dark World, audiences were given a glimpse of what Guardians of the Galaxy has in store, but what is more important is a revelation regarding the Tesseract and the Aether. They are two of the Infinity Stones; in the Marvel Universe, if one gathers all six of the Infinity Stones, you are no greater than a deity. Since Guardians will venture into the cosmos, audiences should expect to gain a broader understanding of what these gems are capable of, where they can be found, and how important it is to keep them out of the wrong hands. Marvel President Kevin Feige has stated that another stone will be revealed in Guardians. Audiences have an idea of how important the Infinity Stones are to this franchise, based on a taste of what the Tesseract and Aether are capable of from past movies, but the fact that so much is being held back regarding their significance is really making fans excited to see what the writers and producers have in store.