2012 Holiday Gift Guide: The 10 Best Wireless Speakers

evolveteam December 10, 2012 1
2012 Holiday Gift Guide Monster ClarityHD Micro

Monster ClarityHD Micro

Price: $200
Our buds over at Monster have honestly assembled the most impressive portable blaster of Holiday ’12. The pocket-fit speaker supports a robust set of sweet voice command features from battery life updates to redialing missed calls. That’s right, it also serves as a great voice conferencing gadget. Audio is both loud and clear with all music genres playing smooth and crisp.

2012 Holiday Gift guide Samsung DA-E750

Samsung DA-E750

Price: $530
Not going to lie. Samsung’s luxury speaker impressed us not only with its stunning cherry wood design, but solid audio output as well. Keeping the wireless dock at moderate volumes will culminate in great and detailed bass, especially when playing hard rock tunes. It’s also capable of handling a Barry Manilow-inspired catalog with the simplest of ease. Stream your music library from any smartphone/tablet or go the prehistoric route and connect your iDevice (iPhone or iPod) via built-in dock.

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