10 Awesome Water Guns for This Summer

evolveteam June 20, 2014 0
Best water guns

Now that the hottest season of the summer has officially commenced, this can only translate to two things—hot-ass weather and numerous trips to the local beach or public pool. Whether it’s for cooling purposes, playful activities, or to get cheap thrills from the hot bodies strutting their stuff in the scorching sun, a good water gun always comes in handy. Obviously, the first thing that might comes to mind is the old school green and yellow Super Soaker 50, which remains a classic till this day. But Nerf and several other toy brands have gotten more creative (and modern) with their water blasters. And considering how ridiculously affordable they are right now, it’s worth the investment based on nostalgic value alone. Check out these 10 Awesome Water Guns for This Summer.

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