10 Awesome Next-Gen Indie Games To Keep On Your Radar

evolveteam March 10, 2014 2


Platform: PC
Set in a crazy land above the clouds, players will have to do their best to dodge oncoming ruins and rough obstacles, while fighting off a series of angry robots. The game focuses on speed and mobility, making for one of the wildest, fact-paced action titles due out this year. Create your own path as you go and add friends for some multiplayer madness.

The Long Dark

Platform: PC
Trapped in an open world of northern wilderness, you’re left with only common sense and wit in order to survive. With the world looking like it’s coming to an end, scavenging for food and water becomes difficult, where as the weather becomes worse. Oh yea, did we mention that wildlife is on your tail as well? Every decision and moral challenge will push players to go as far as possible to survive. Encounter other survivors as well. But will they be friend or foe?

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