10 Awesome Next-Gen Indie Games To Keep On Your Radar

evolveteam March 10, 2014 2

The Stomping Land

Platform: PC
The only means of survival here is to destroy and devour dinosaurs you come into contact with. Sounds very Monster Hunter-ish , huh? Some might look at it that way, but without the massive weaponry and wild creations. Take down dinosaurs of all shapes and sizes with the larger ones putting up the hardest challenge. Progress as a hunter and build traps to destroy the threat or take down camps established by other players.

The Forest

Platform: Oculus Rift and PC
Programmed to feature day, night, and night cycles–The Forest brings forth the realistic presence of nature, while adding some horror into the mix. Setting up camp? Chop down some trees and discover resources in the fields to set up shelter, as the nightfall will require your fighting skills to protect the camp from mutant enemies.

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