10 Awesome Next-Gen Indie Games To Keep On Your Radar

evolveteam March 10, 2014 2


Platform: Xbox One
Below takes you to a mysterious Island where an expedition into a dark cave leads to a battle of life and death. The game takes a rogue-like influence by equipping players with a standalone sword and guiding them through randomized layouts that also switch up the baddies and items in each area. Enjoy the retro gameplay and top-down view admired from our favorite action-adventure titles of the past.


Platform: PC
The Hanwell Mental Institute is your new home, a fictional insane asylum with a sinister sense spewing underneath its surface. Explore over 100 rooms in the clinic and discover true psychological horror, as Asylum offers “twist storytelling” and “horrifying revelations” that would put Silent Hill to shame. Or so we hope.

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