10 Attitude Era Wrestlers We Want Featured As WWE 13 DLC

evolveteam October 30, 2012 1
wwe 13 dlc crash holly

Crash Holly

Holly’s on-screen cousin was a blessing in disguise for WWE, making the transition from a wrestling caricature into a fan favorite. At one point, Crash was even being pushed more on Raw than his “older sibling,” winning the Hardcore title and initiating the rule of defending the belt on a 27/7 basis. That alone sounds like an awesome mode for the game. Give the man his due.

wwe 13 dlc owen hart

Owen Hart

We’re all aware of the sensitivity that comes with mentioning the Hart Family’s most underrated talent. And most people (primarily journalists) are afraid to put him on their WWE ’13 wish list. But let’s be true to the era and respect his numerous accomplishments. The man practically held every major belt except the Heavyweight Championship, worked with every major player in the company, had incredible wrestling skills, and became a star as both a face and heel. That’s what you call an all-around talent. Legal ramifications involving his family are what likely have Owen MIA from the game. And that’s understandable. But with the Hall of Fame out of the picture, there’s really no other way at the moment to pay Owen Hart homage. Work your legal magic WWE and reach a settlement.

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