10 Attitude Era Wrestlers We Want Featured As WWE 13 DLC

evolveteam October 30, 2012 1
wwe 13 dlc ashmed johnson

Ahmed Johnson

He wasn’t the best in-ring wrestler and had a decent run with the Intercontinental strap in ’96. But Ahmed Johnson did have some memorable moments during his feuds with Farooq and the Nation of Domination, a stable he eventually joined later on. Injuries plagued the wrestler during his final days with the WWE, so we never really got to experience Johnson in his “prime.” It wasn’t his fault the company lacked mid-carders when he arrived either. That’s not to say we can’t rewind time and recreate his past in Attitude Era mode.

wwe 13 dlc D'LO brown

D’Lo Brown

Another former Attitude Era performer tied to TNA, D’Lo Brown was just another mid-carder that garnered a huge following with his swagged-out posture and awesome matches versus X-Pac. Let’s not forget he was also one of the very few to hold the European and Intercontinental belts simultaneously in ’99. Then after the terrible in-ring botch that occurred when an inadvertent running powerbomb left wrestler Droz permanently paralyzed, Brown’s wrestling career took a huge nosedive. You would swear WWE buried him purposely, but that’s the past. The future is now and D’Lo needs top billing on the next DLC package to complete the Nation.

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