10 Attitude Era Wrestlers We Want Featured As WWE 13 DLC

evolveteam October 30, 2012 1
wwe 13 dlc al snow

Al Snow

What does everybody want? You already know. If there was one non-A-list wrestler that went over with the crowd during the Attitude Era, best believe it was Al Snow. The former Hardcore and European champion’s gimmick of entering the ring with a mannequin head drew some of the loudest pops in Raw history and made for merchandise goal. His hardcore matches and hilariously insane skits with Head Cheese partner Steve Blackman only solidified his significance to the brand. Granted legal ramifications might prevent the hardcore deity from making an appearance in the game due to his employment with TNA, that’s not to say it’s something that can’t come to fruition. After all, the competitor did give Ric Flair permission to attend the WWE Hall of Fame.

wwe 13 dlc hardcore holly

Hardcore Holly

First introduced as a NASCAR driver turned wrestler, Bob Holly wasn’t clicking with the fans. Then a small run with the J.O.B. Squad (Al Snow and Too Cold Scorpio) gained him some much-needed exposure, leading to a successful singles career as Hardcore Holly. As a six-time Hardcore Champion, he drew heat and accolades for his dangerous hardcore matches and stiff approach. Revisiting those bouts, man you’d swear he was a byproduct of ECW. How fitting.

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