10 Attitude Era Wrestlers We Want Featured As WWE 13 DLC

evolveteam October 30, 2012 1
wwe 13 dlc steve blackman

Steve Blackman

Despite his decent push as the Hardcore Champion when the 24/7 defend rule was implemented, the Lethal Weapon was never properly booked during his WWE tenure. Sure, the talent roster was massive and featured many big-named talents, leaving him to be written off as a Brooklyn Brawler of sorts: a jobber so to speak. But in retrospect, his entertaining feuds with Ken Shamrock and Val Venis, plus the formation of the Head Cheese tag team with Al Snow made him a fixture during the Attitude Era. On top of that, dude was a great worker in the ring. Put him up against all three members of 3MB (Health Slater, Drew McIntyre, and Jindar Mahal) and let’em go to work.

wwe '13 dlc test


Andrew “Test” Martin showed incredible potential as both a singles and tag team performer, serving as one half of T&A with Albert (AKA Tensai). Not only was he involved in some of the federation’s biggest storylines (The Corporation, McMahon-Helmsley Era), but Test proved to be one of the few big men in the industry who could actually wrestle, let alone pull off some impressive slams. In his prime, he would’ve given Sheamus and Jack Swagger some hell.

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