10 Apps to Help You Find a Job This Summer

evolveteam June 4, 2014 1
Best job Apps
Words by Ashley Rich

School is out and summertime is in, which means all your awesome vacation plans are ready to become reality. It also means finding a job to splurge on such exciting excursions hits the No.1 spot on the to-do list. With all the extra free time the season provides, it’s much easier to search for employment online, especially on a smartphone. But with a massive pool of other job seekers joining the hunt, it can be difficult finding the most productive mobile applications to help pull you to the top.

Thanks to the power of social media, we no longer live in a society where it’s mandatory to search for work in the newspaper ads section or go door-to-door to corporate establishments. Applying for a trade can practically be accomplished through your mobile device. So chin up job seekers, as we’ve done some research to make the process a smooth one. Get the resume in order and prepare to download these 10 Apps to Help You Find a Job This Summer.

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